Cleanroom Masterclass:

How to Successfully Design and Build Your Cleanroom

Cleanroom design is informed by a variety of different factors ranging from the technical to the practical.

If this is your first cleanroom design or redesign project, knowing where to begin and all the things you need to consider can be a difficult and daunting task.

This is especially true since much on the information available on the subject is highly technical and virtually
That's why we've created this FREE MASTERCLASS to help you determine the type of cleanroom you need, along with all of the other necessary components, lighting, wall material, equipment, and more.
By attending this webinar, you can expect to come away with:
  • Nuances of the different types of modular cleanroom wall systems
  • The driving factors behind cleanroom ISO classifications
  • Proper cleanroom layout and flow
  • The benefits of using a turnkey modular cleanroom provider for your cleanroom project
  • How to properly care for and clean your cleanroom once construction is complete

We're breaking it down for you! We'll show you exactly how to plan your cleanroom construction one step at a time in this free training!

Here's the one tiny catch... free seats are limited to 500 and they are filling up fast!
So, hurry and register now because we'd hate for you to miss out!

Presented by


Adam Rzepka


Adam Rzepka holds a B.A. in Finance from Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, MI. 

Adam has ten (10) years of experience designing and building modular cleanrooms. In his time at Angstrom Technology, he has been responsible for overseeing design development and construction of over 100,000 square feet of cleanrooms of all sizes, ISO classifications, and construction types. He has extensive knowledge of cleanroom technology and industry trends. Adam is currently the National Sales Manager at Angstrom Technology.

What people are saying about the Thomas Scientific and Angstrom Technology team:

"I could not have asked for better people to guide us through this process. It was a lot of work for sure but you were always prompt, helpful, and kind!" - Dennis Heuer, RPh Director of Pharmacy Services, IV Solutions

"They are extremely professional, responsive, and reliable. We rely on their expertise in solving existing maintenance issues as well as their quality of workmanship for our new facilities." - Kay C., Sr. Project Manager, Pharmaceutical Industry

"One of the nicest rooms I've seen in my 23 years of certifying compounding cleanrooms." - Bill B., Cleanroom Certifier, Prevention Services