Filter Out Extra Steps

New Innovations in Filtration that Life Scientists Swear By

The use of multi-well plates in life science research has expanded greatly in recent years, to include everything from cell culture to high throughput assays.

Filtration is an important step employed both upstream and downstream of the work being done in the multi-well plates and is often the key to reliable results.

If your laboratory is finding it a difficult and daunting task to identify the correct filter plate to match your sample type, processing needs, and plate format – then this FREE, LIVE MASTERCLASS is for you.

Learn from Thomas Scientific and the experts at Pall Laboratory, as we deep-dive into optimization through maintaining the same microplate format throughout your entire workflow. 

By attending this webinar, you can expect to come away with:

  • How to select a filter plate based on the sample of interest (protein, cells, debris, etc.)
  • How to select the best membrane type and characteristics to fit your applications
  • The specifications of a full range of filter plate platforms (384-, 96- and 24-well filter plates)
  • New innovations in filter plate technology
  • Some common applications and the benefits of adding a plate-based filtration step

March 10th, we're breaking it down for you! We'll show you exactly how to improve efficiency by reducing time, steps, and increasing recovery!

Here's the one tiny catch... free seats are limited to 500 and they are filling up fast!
So, hurry and register now because we'd hate for you to miss out!

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Lori Euler


Lori Euler has over 20 years of experience working in research and development labs in the areas of microbiology and molecular biology. She received her Bachelors Of Science degree in microbiology and a Masters of Science in Biomedical Chemistry.

The majority of her career was spent as a senior research scientist at the DuPont Company engineering bacterial strains to produce a variety of compounds as part of their “green chemistry” initiative.

Lori has extensive publications, presentations, and patents in her name, detailing her protocol and process development in the areas of metabolic engineering and bacterial strain analysis. Since joining Pall, Lori has held positions as regional sales area manager and is currently the Product Manager for the Molecular portfolio.